Life is an Obstacle Course

karate kohi

Everything we do in our daily lives will have at least one if not many obstacles of various sizes in the path. Graduating college, getting in shape, landing that job, buying that car, meeting your friends or having family time are all great goals but unless we overcome the obstacles in the way we will not achieve them. The number one ally of obstacles is laziness. Nothing will turn an obstacle into a wall faster and easier than laziness. We all have it and its secretly chipping away at our lives unless we decide to defeat it. This can be in the shape of tenacity, self-discipline or hacking patterns that simply outsmart it. The more you practice obstacle bashing the stronger that bashing arm will become. Like any habit, the more we do it the easier it becomes and the better we become at it. So whats this have to do with Karate. Karate training is full of small and large mental and physical challenges that over time strengthen your mind (and body). You become accustomed to overcoming that mental nag that is tempting you towards less effort or less time or less force. You learn to overcome obstacles without effort and treat them as simply part of the journey. This has a powerful impact on your life as laziness is overcome and obstacles are surpassed with ease. Karate training has many benefits but in my opinion the mental training and strengthening that allow you to recognize and overcome laziness is one of its most valuable results.

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